Sculpture: Selected Works


James Barnhill has been internationally recognized for his prolific sculpture career, which spans more than three decades.  View a selection of Barnhill's personal and commissioned work in the slideshow below.


Barnhill on Process:

"My approach to sculpting the figure is to work from the live model in clay. I work from the silhouetted edges or contours, "drawing" with small bits of clay. As I follow the forms around the live model, the contours I am making in clay must conform to the model as well as line up with each other. As I work around the piece, I move around the model.

Working in this manner is my greatest joy. A laser-like focus required, and yet this focus is not exhausting, rather it is relaxing, even pleasurable.

I also look for suggested geometric forms in the pose or within the figure itself - circles, arcs, squares, rectangles, and triangles. I will push the clay in that direction, but not beyond believability. The mind's eye is pleased to recognize those shapes in any given piece, whether conscious of them or not."